Babine Steelhead Lodge

Babine Steelhead Lodge is located in the upper reaches of the Babine River. Situated near many of the most fabled runs on the Babine, BSL is in a very secluded location. It’s the ideal lodge to target big trophy steelhead. The Babine River has steelhead averaging over 12 pounds. Fish to 20lbs are caught with regularity and the occasional 30+ pounder finds its way into a net a couple times a month. this is truly a spey fisherman’s paradise. The Babine is one of those places that conjures up images of unspoiled wilderness, unmatched scenery and untouched fisheries. You can pick this strain of steelhead out of a line with their unique girth. You haven’t seen shoulders like this since the 3M video games of the 80s. Every steelheaders dream has been to reach this magical place, and for good reason. Babine Steelhead Lodge itself is a little piece of paradise. Seated alongside one of the most impressive pieces of camp water in the world, it’s easy to imagine yourself waist-deep, swinging a skater in the late afternoon sun while your friends sip a scotch on the porch behind you. At BSL, that’s our reality. The lodge offers guests gourmet food prepared by our trained chef, and newly renovated, comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms with hot showers and flushing toilets (in the cabin). The grounds are beautiful, connected by wooden walkways and sitting in an old-growth grove of cottonwood. Just out front, the boats sit anchored waiting for the next day's fishing. At BSL we pride ourselves on having the best guides in the business. Being led by British Columbia staple Michael Brackenhoffer and his team while providing 2 clients to 1 guide all in jet boats. This will be the best-led operation on the Babine.

Family vacation, Cultural tours, All inclusive, Canadian vacation, Wilderness lodge
Family vacation, Cultural tours, All inclusive, Canadian vacation, Wilderness lodge

"Awesome as usual! I wish is was a little more primitive, but I can handle the pampering too. Keep up the excellent work!."