About Us

Derek Botchford and Andrea Soto would like to welcome you to Copper Bay Lodge on the island of Haida Gwaii. We have been chasing fish together all over the world from Chile’s Patagonia to the spring creeks of New Zealand. Now entering our 9th season on Haida Gwaii we can honestly say we feel we have the best winter steelhead program on the west coast.

Our philosophy has always been that the basis of a good operation starts with the fishing program.

Family vacation, Cultural tours, All inclusive, Canadian vacation, Wilderness lodge

No question that there is a lot of competition for your hard-earned dollars when it comes to fishing during the winter months.  Most anglers have settled into a routine of heading south to warm climate saltwater fishing.  However, before you pull the trigger on yet another bone fishing trip understand that there is something very special happening in Haida Gwaii.  It is a destination you should want to visit even if it doesn’t have such great fishing opportunities. One thing all our guests agree on is that returning from Haida Gwaii feels like returning with a new secret.  It is an eye-opening experience that will stick with you in many ways beyond more fish pictures on your phone.  Copper Bay Lodge will tour you through the islands in a way that connects you to the fish, the landscape and the culture in a meaningful way that will stay with you long after you return home.  This trip is about the overall experience and one that should not be missed.

Family vacation, Cultural tours, All inclusive, Canadian vacation, Wilderness lodge

Creating a steelhead experience that brings guests back year after year is at the forefront of every single decision we make. From the moment you book with us until the time you leave, we will do everything we can to make your trip exactly what you desire it to be. We can guarantee that when fishing with us you will never have to deal with large egos, or arrogant personalities. Instead, you will have to deal with friendly attitudes, an extremely hard work ethic, and perfect portions of gourmet food.

Andrea maintains an extremely clean and organized lodge. She ensures that each meal is well thought out and prepared with care and detail. Her joy, and exuberance for life are contagious.  

Our exceptional resources, comfortable lodge accommodations, knowledgeable team, and philosophy that the trip is about you - the customer, will result in a truly special B.C. angling adventure.

"Awesome as usual! I wish is was a little more primitive, but I can handle the pampering too. Keep up the excellent work!."