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Winter Steelhead

The Queen Charlotte Islands truly represent the passion for steelhead that many speak of. Its remote, rugged landscape and unique ancient forests put you into the perfect mindset to cast a fly for nature's most coveted freshwater fish. This is the Canadian Galapagos. Its rivers are small and teeming with steelhead, salmon, and cutthroat trout. Our flexible operation will give you access to seven rivers that each host magnificent runs of steelhead.

The starting point for your trip will be the Yakoun River. The steelhead in the Yakoun can be as big as in any other watershed in B.C. In fact, over 35 percent of all adult steelhead returning to the Yakoun are three-salt fish and 30 percent are four-salts. That means over half the adult population of steelhead returning to the Yakoun are three and four years old. This equates to a great potential for catching large fish. We have pursued sea trout from the southern tip of Tierra Del Fuego, to the southwest corner of Alaska’s tundra, all the way to the undiscovered rivers of Kamchatka. We have never found a more spectacular fishery than in the rainforests of the Queen Charlotte Islands.