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When fishing Queen Charlottes you are extremely remote and secluded in your own private paradise, but it is actually quite easy to get here. This is a huge advantage compared to visiting remote locations in Northern Canada or Alaska. This means more time spent on the water and less time sitting on planes. 

We will help you every step of the way if you book with us. Vancouver has a first-class international airport that will make your connection to Sandspit extremely easy and comfortable. Sandspit, B.C. is located approximately 480 miles northwest of Vancouver.  Air Canada Jazz offer daily flights from Vancouver to Sandspit, with convenient arrival/departure schedules that make same-day connections possible for most travelers. The flight takes just one hour and 45 minutes!  The Flights arrive at 3pm and depart again at 3:45pm.  

Space at Copper Bay Lodge is very limited as we only take small groups at any given time and advance reservations are required. If you are interested in joining us to fish Queen Charlottes, or would like to stay at our B&B, give us a call.

Paradise is not lost. The only thing we enjoy more than talking about fishing is doing it! See you on the water!