Tom Derry

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Trip Host/Conservation Liaison

Tom Derry isn’t actually part of the staff at CBL but he is a huge part of our family. Tom hosted his first fishing trip with the lodge in our inaugural year 2011 bringing along 4 other anglers.  From that week on he has become far more than a friend but a true member of the family.  There is a lot of love for this guy at the lodge when we get a chance to see him.  Tom still shows up in    Haida Gwaii once in a while and If you ever get a chance to spend a week fishing on one of his hosted trips, don’t think about it, just say yes.   

As an ardent steelheader Tom is very active in fish conservation and has been light years ahead of the general public's consensus about hatcheries and how to save wild fish.  The rest of the world has finally caught up to what Tom has been preaching for the past 15 years and real change is beginning to happen.  Tom has been a huge supporter of Frontier Steelhead creating a new conservation branch called Coast to Clouds and offers his experience to help progress the movement.  The sport of fishing now goes hand in hand with conservation just as Tom Derry knew it would many years ago.  Tom believes the time has come to draw a line in the sand and  follow what science is telling us about how to champion our last stocks of wild fish.

"Awesome as usual! I wish is was a little more primitive, but I can handle the pampering too. Keep up the excellent work!."