Stevie Morrow

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Stevie guides and operates a lot of fisheries over a given year with Epic Waters Angling. However when a guest asks him what his favourite fishery is over a calendar year, he tells them completely blunt every time - Haida Gwaii.  It is for many reasons Stevie feels this way. With only 4 guests a week it does somewhat seem like a working vacation for the staff.  A team that has been guiding together for 8 years leaves little room for any dramatic events during a season. Instead the weeks fly by flawlessly.  

The fishery can be challenging as with any winter steelheading, but each day with a lot of effort and guide instinct, Stevie feels he can always find a fish out there. Some days this takes hiking several miles through the rainforest, or hitting multiple systems in a day, but when that line tightens no one ever forgets why they came. The fish are spectacular, the scenery is unmatched, and the guide team is simply second to none.  For those that are lucky enough to spend a week with Steve Morrow on Haida Gwaii they will all tell you this is a bucket list trip not to be missed in your steelhead endeavours.  The challenging conditions, the rugged hikes, and impossible casts make it better suited for in shape, experienced anglers, however there is enough there to offer all levels of skill something special.

"Awesome as usual! I wish is was a little more primitive, but I can handle the pampering too. Keep up the excellent work!."