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Selecting Your Week

Which Week to Steelhead Fish? 

Our steelhead program focuses on five rivers on the Queen Charlotte Islands. Although some have different timing of runs, our three main rivers consistently take steelhead from the end of November until April. The great thing about steelhead fishing on Haida Gwaii is that there really isn’t a peak week. Each week you select can have the same potential for high or low water, rain, snow, or picture-perfect blue-sky days. 

Nov. 14 - Jan. 14 - Steelhead Fishing  

Many consider this the peak time to fish the Yakoun River as there is typically a lot of water in the system and lots of fresh fish coming in. If your main interest is fishing the Yakoun River, then this is the best time to come.  

Jan. 14 - Feb. 14 - Steelhead Fishing  

This is typically the coldest month to fish. You are likely to encounter some snow on the higher altitude spots like the Yakoun. As things freeze up top, the water slowly drops and can provide some excellent fishing. Fish continue to trickle into the Yakoun even with very low flows. We fish four rivers during this time frame and all provide consistent fishing.

Feb. 14 - April 14 - Steelhead Fishing

This time frame offers the most diverse fishing program of the season as we fish five different rivers. The Yakoun provides excellent fishing; you will catch a mix of fresh fish as well as fish that have been in the system for a while. This is the best time if you are interested in seeing all the wonderful rivers that we fish. Our local rivers have extremely fresh fish coming in at this time and we often catch them in tidal water just a few hundred yards from the ocean. The weather can be up and down with some very comfortable days in the upper 40’s and some days in the 30’s (Fahrenheit). 

B.C. Steelhead

No matter which week you select, you will have great opportunities at good numbers of quality steelhead and will hook into some fish that have just entered fresh water. This is winter B.C. steelhead fishing at its finest, and the weather just is what it is. Fortunately, the fish that we catch make it well worth it, even if the weather is foul. 

The great thing about our program compared to other B.C. steelhead opportunities is that we always have fishable water that will be holding steelhead under all conditions. You will never be blown out for days at a time. If you ever feel uncomfortable on the water or need to warm up, we can always head back to the lodge for a break by the fireplace, and catch the evening on the Copper River just minutes from the lodge.