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Water Conditions

Being so far north, the location of Haida Gwaii can intimidate people thinking of the weather. It can be cool and wet at any time of the year, and the west coast can receive as much as 700 cm of rain in a given year. The winter storms can draw high winds that hammer the islands, funneling down the inlets from the southeast.  The rivers of Haida Gwaii meander through actual rain forests and are volatile in nature.

The rivers rise and fall very fast. Most of our steelhead streams are lake-fed and stay quite fishable even in major storms. With as little as six inches of visibility we have found fish. We have such a wide variety of rivers to choose from on Haida Gwaii that we can almost always find fishable water.

Fishing conditions can often be extreme, whether it be ultra-low or extreme high water. Both offer exciting challenges for the fisherman, and make for exciting days. These steelhead are extremely aggressive and incredible fishing can be found under any condition.

Over a week with us, the angler is sure to end up at the right place at the right time. Even under flood conditions, the rivers settle down extremely fast, and to find yourself fishing on a dropping, clearing Yakoun River is an experience you will never forget.

This is the ultimate steelhead adventure, where you will battle through the elements to be rewarded with a chrome, winter-run steelhead with unbridled strength and power that will not compare to any fish you have ever caught. 

Under stable water conditions, you can sight-cast to large, fresh steelhead in all our rivers. The Yakoun has even given up some fish on dry flies. The Yakoun is a very wadable river with some of the best fly water in the province. The others offer exciting challenges to the fly fisherman.

By examining the situation and the lie of the fish with care, and maintaining a game plan, you will catch fish in places that you will never forget.