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The Program

Our steelhead trips run from November 14 until April 31. We are a small lodge catering to groups that are looking for something different from the larger steelhead camps. We take only four guests per week to ensure we can put you on the best beats at the best times. When we are fishing the smallest of the creeks, you will each have your own personal guide on the water. If you love wild winter steelhead, and want an opportunity to see the best in the world, you will want to fish Queen Charlottes.
With only four guests we can organize the week according to your specific needs. If you would like to fish three rivers in one day with lunch back at the lodge, we can accommodate. 
We have both local guides who were born and raised fishing steelhead on these rivers and we have our Bulkley team, all with over 10 years' experience guiding steelhead. Fishing the remote coastal rain forests of Haida Gwaii is a unique experience that offers the fisherman an extraordinary opportunity to catch wild steelhead in one of the most remote reaches of North America. Fishing Queen Charlottes for steelhead is an experience like no other. 

Our flexible program puts the angler on the best water at the best time. Although all outfitters have a limited number of Yakoun rod days, all our guests will fish the Yakoun two or three times during a week's stay. To maximize our time there, we fish the Yakoun when it has its most favorable water conditions during your stay.  

We have a very accurate system in place to let us know exactly what the river looks like before we plan to go. It takes over an hour to get to the Yakoun from our lodge and you will fish it under the best possible conditions during your stay. Under adverse water conditions, our local rivers are much more consistent to fish.    

During your week you will fish the Copper, Pallant, Yakoun and a couple of other small coastal rivers near our lodge that only we can access. One creek is on another island, only accessed by boat, and is the most mystical place we have ever cast a fly! Going there is an amazing adventure, and only accessible by a 15-km boat ride.

This mountainous Island is home to an ancient Haida village and one of the largest displays of totem poles on these islands. There is also an old cemetery dated from 1880, which is a reminder of how quickly diseases could exterminate a whole population in those days. Although this creek takes a small run of steelhead, if you hit it right it will be a day you will never forget. This is a true adventure, and one we love to take.