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Our Guides

Derek Botchford

As owner operator of the the lodge it is my job to ensure your trip is a successful one. From the moment you book with us I will be at the ready to assist you in anything that may arise with regards to your trip. On the water I will give you every tip I have learned about fishing these rivers.

One of the most important factors of fishing Haida Gwaii is water levels. I take great effort in studying water levels and how they effect the runs we fish.  My belief is on any given day one river, or even one piece is water is extremely productive and its my job to find it and put you there.

Scott Baker-McGarva

Known as Macgyver around the lodge, Scott has working knowledge of most every subject under the moon. His industry experience makes him a true encyclopedia of the sport.  Scott has studied every detail of the art of fishing, and has caught an incredible amount of worldly species.  You would think someone with as much experience in the sport would have a large ego, but Scott is one of the most humble experts you will ever meet. 

His true passion is steelhead, and Scott manages a lodge on the Dean River before running Morice River Lodge in the Fall. A day with Scott on Haida Gwaii will be a memorable one, like a metal detector he will hone in on chrome by days end.

Evan Quaas

People who come to Haida Gwaii and try to fish on there own without a guide find out pretty quickly that once you get off the Yakoun River your success rate plummets. These rivers are very challenging, and you have to have intimate knowledge, of when, how, and where to fish them. This is where local knowledge is invaluable. Evan was born and raised on the rivers of Haida Gwaii and he knows where the fish will be before the fish even know.   A day with Evan gives you decades of local knowledge fishing the rivers of Haida Gwaii.