Danny Hollins

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Bulkley Canyon / Twin Camp

Danny quickly become a mainstay at FSE, outperforming everyone’s expectation in year one. He was hired on as guide in training, but his natural abilities were far too great to keep him off the water. The overwhelming guest response was that we had just discovered the next generation of guides. Danny has a background in fish biology, tremendous people skills, and an almost unnatural ability to find fish.  A guest once said that Danny was the fishing version of the song Devil Went Down to Georgia,implying that Danny had made a deal with the devil to be this good at finding fish at such a young age. Danny gained a wealth of knowledge early in life due to an almost unhealthy addiction to fishing. He started guiding on the Damdochax but now calls the Frontier Steelhead Experience his home. In the winter, he fishes the OP, the spring chasing Kamloops rainbows, and summers guiding the salt. After surviving 2018’s treacherous low later in the canyons, Danny is now one with his jet-boat. Keep in mind there are a few facts you can bet on before stepping into Danny’s boat: You are going to have multiple opportunities at steelhead, someone will hook their biggest fish of the week, and many laughs will be had. Every guest gets his or her one day with Danny during the week, and this is one you don’t want to miss.

"Awesome as usual! I wish is was a little more primitive, but I can handle the pampering too. Keep up the excellent work!."